Same song, different verse?

Find a new groove and let go of old patterns with psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is about changing repetitive life patterns that feel like they’re going nowhere.

Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, unhealthy patterns, or just want to jump-start your personal growth and build self-esteem, therapy will give you better tools to cope with life.

My way of working with clients incorporates aspects of insight-oriented (sometimes called “psychodynamic”), cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-oriented therapy methods. I am also currently working toward completing the advanced level of Somatic Experiencing. SE is a way of helping you learn about your nervous system from the inside out. This tool increases your ability to manage stress in daily life. It is also a way to work through past traumas that might be getting in your way.

Which modalities we use largely depends on what works for you and your particular goals. In other words, theory aside, the heart of good therapy is the personal, respectful, and authentic relationship we build collaboratively in our sessions.

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