Managing Anxiety — Are you a champion over-thinker? Most people who are over-thinkers and worriers have the instinct to approach their worry problem with . . . guess what? More thinking! I have a unique, body-based approach to helping clients manage the over-thinking and excessive worry that lead to daily suffering.

Transitions — Going through the transition from college to working, retirement, the death of a loved one, or through the end of a relationship can be incredibly challenging. Unpack where you’ve been and understand how your core beliefs about yourself or your life might be challenged and renewed by difficulties.

Differently Wired/Highly Sensitive People— New York City is filled with creative, bright, quirky and independent people, many of whom may realize either early on or deep into adulthood that there might be some challenges that come along with their gifts. Whether you identify as HSP, artistic, entrepreneurial, nerdy, or maybe a bit neurospicy, I can help you understand your unique nervous system and develop the self-regulation skills you need to maximize your strengths and get out of your own way. I also have developed a sub-speciality for helping parents of differently-wired and twice-exceptional kids (ADHD/ASD/anxiety + gifted).

Managing Depression — Whether you’ve chose to taking medications for depression or not, I have a unique, body-based approach to understanding and reducing your vulnerability to depressive symptoms.

Overcoming Developmental Trauma If you’re struggling to develop healthy adult relationships and good boundaries after experiencing emotional neglect or abuse (or simply mismatches between yourself and your parents), I can help you explore obstacles to developing new healthier patterns in your day to day present life.

Coping with Chronic Illness and Auto-Immune Conditions — People with chronic illness and, especially, auto-immune conditions often have had negative and pathologizing interactions with the healthcare community around their mental health. Somatic approaches to therapy come with an understanding that the distress you are experiencing as a consequence of illness is not “all in your head” and offers unique tools for supporting your nervous system to support rather than thwart your healing process.

Couples Work — Good partnerships are fundamentally based on feeling safe with each other. Safety also means that you are both okay being two separate people who may have different needs and feelings as you work on resolving areas of conflict. I can help you restore both your connection and your awareness of separateness in order to help you work through conflicts instead of letting conflict and resentment build up.

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